Sunday, March 13, 2011

Remix Competitions - promising career springboards or just promotion tools? (work-in-progress)

We are working on a paper about remix competitions. If you have ever participated in a remix competition, it would be great if you could participate in our little survey. Thanks a lot!

Remix Competition Survey  (done, we are analysing the results)

Here a brief abstract what the paper is all about:

Remix competitions have become very popular among aspiring music producers. If established artists like Depeche Mode, 50 Cent or Fatboy Slim call for remixes, up to 1000 and more music producers take the chance to submit their own interpretations of the original tune. Despite their popularity, remix contests are subject of controversial debates among artists. Organisers promote remix competitions as promising career opportunities for unknown artists to get a foot in the door of the professional music business. Participants, on the other hand, often accuse the organisers to exploit the artist’s dream and use remix contests only as a promotional tool.
In this regard the present paper will analyse the following questions: (a) Do remix competitions have any impact on the participant’s career? (b) What are the motivational factors of participants to attend a remix competition? (c) Which features of remix competitions are important for artists in order to participate? The results can provide interesting insights into the driving forces of remix competitions for artists as well as for event organisers.

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